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Jamie and Deb while sitting at Two Brothers Tap House Bar after a string of shows
Jamie “You’re a rock star .”
Deb ” So are you.”
Jamie ” Yeah I know .”

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Special electro-acoustic show 10-9-14 

Be there for a FREE special spooky sounding preview set of our upcoming EP set.

Beacon Pub

101 Circle

Forest Park


The end of 2014 is nigh…

 First..thanks to the entire crowd at Baconstock 2014! It was our biggest show to date and a rad one as well!!!   Thank you also to openers Bass&Drums, as well as stable mates David Michael from Greywall, The Bungdoons, and Aria-51 !  Thanks to the Beacon Pub, Scratch Kitchen & Lounge and everyone who pulled off this new meat and music festival without a hitch!  Next year will be even bigger!

 ON to the next one..our final show of the 2014 tour.

 Nov. 1  ” The one to end it all…” has us paired up with Psycho Sister, our stable mates and great friends Aria-51, and one of our favorite bands that we are absolutely floored that we get to grace a stage with! VORTIS !!  

 Our friend Jim DeRogatis drums for VORTIS..and it’s something you have to see! There’s drummers that play punk and then there’s drummers that live punk music..that’s Jim. He partners up perfectly with bassist Louie Calvano to make an epic rhythm section. And of course you’ve got Tony Tavano who, for our money, is every bit of what a punk vox/guitarist should be! The band VORTIS does a blistering set that quite honestly we are nervous about following..and that’s a good thing. We are never intimidated by any other act, but keeping up with VORTIS is another story.  It’ll be a great way to end our tour!


  Come out on Nov 1 to Cairo, in West Chicago.  Wear a mask if you is halloween weekend after all…how fitting that it be 13-Monsters last stop.

This is also an EP release event for us. We’re going to be giving out 4 songs that we are currently putting together for you. 

 Our latests HEROINE will be on that EP. LISTEN!

See you there!!!!

  Of note, go look up Jim’s interview work with Kurt Cobain. And listen to his radio show  Sound Opinions . Great stuff!

And finally:  To fan Alex who came up to the stage the other night and said if he “..had rot pick one band you are like it would be Jane’s Addiction” , we thank you so much. That’s a HUGE compliment! 

 XOXO  13-Monsters

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New show announcements!

 Go to our Facebook link.

  Surprise FREE acoustic show this thursday 8/14 at 8pm!!

 Beacon Pub. 101 Circle, Forest Park, il

 Then it’s off to Side Street Studio arts on friday 8pm. All ages show. 13-Monsters featuring Jason Clarida of Aria-51 and David Michael of Greywall. All ages!

 Be there!




Backstage at a #13monsters show


Backstage at a #13monsters show

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The view from on stage

 It was an awesome show 8-2-14!
 Next up…Side Street Studio Arts in Elgin Il. 
 13-Monsters / Enemy
 Don’t miss it. It’s our electronica acoustic show


The view from on stage

 It was an awesome show 8-2-14!

 Next up…Side Street Studio Arts in Elgin Il. 

 13-Monsters / Enemy


 Don’t miss it. It’s our electronica acoustic show

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7-19 in Elgin!!

 First…here’s our new single. HEROINE.

 Listen to it here. Clickety

 Second thanks to those who saw us at JMC in Elmhurst!  It was so cool to play on the sidewalk!  Thanks for putting on the event, Jason of Aria-51. I hope WXRT heard us over there! Ha!

 We have an all ages show coming up this saturday 7-19-14 at one of our favorite places. Side Street Studio Arts in Elgin, Il

 A battle against Red Deer Cave People.

 Come one come all. Enter for a suggested $5 donation to the arts.

Heroine. Our new single. Plus a huge show at Ye Olde Town Inn at 9PM 7-12-14

Tonight we debut the release of Heroine by 13-Monsters .
Ye Olde Town Inn. Mt Prospect!
" It starts off like "Major Tom" and finishes Nirvana."

Enjoy. See ya tonight as we go back on tour with The Bungdoons. Greywall, and In The Aisles!!! 9pm






 We returned to Double Door on May 31 and had a really nice evening in the downstairs Door #3 venue! We love playing that room. Pairing up with Aria-51 and In The Aisles made it that much better!!  Thank you to all who attended that one!  We’ll be back there again!

  On June 7 we played a fantastic show with The Bungdoons and Aria-51 at SIDE STREET STUDIO ARTS in Elgin, Il.   Going into it we weren’t sure exactly what to expect playing in an art gallery with solid wood floors. Much to our surprise this turned out to be one of our favorite gigs ever!! The staff was outstanding (Thanks Tanner!!), the sound was pretty darn awesome for being minimally set up ( we LOVE that kind of raw set-up!). The room was fabulous and the crowd was great. 

 We’ve changed our look and sound a bit, now leaning more towards a theatrical aspect. It went over very well. Deb Sonzo did a fantastic job with her signature telephone mic, scarves, and tambourine. John was awesome as usual behind the kit!  Jamie, in his mask, played some new grinding and haunting guitar work as Deb led the show.  The rain outside the window we played in front of made the show perfect.

 We will be back at Side Street Studio Arts on July 19TH . It’s a battle of the bands event so feel free to attend and give us your support!

 NEXT!!!  JULY 12th at another of our favorite venues!!! YE OLDE TOWN INN!!

 You won’t want to miss this one! We’re calling it The World’s Loudest Pizza Party!   Hear 4 of the best bands, have some cold beer, and eat some of the best pizza! 

 Doors at 9. $8. 21+


In The Aisles

 The Bungdoons


 Aug 2 we wil be at GRANDBAR in Chicago!  This is the sister venue to Uptown Lounge which many of you have seen us at. We are really looking forward to this show! Details to follow! 

 Stay tuned for updates. We have a lot happening. New songs being worked on! 

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Saturday!! All ages show in Elgin Il !!!!

Saturday!! All ages show in Elgin Il !!!!


  Hi gang! 

 Lots of stuff happening here at 13-MONSTERS! 

 Jamie’s solo project of GOALIE , which lately has been throwing in some 13-Monsters songs, has some big shows coming up!



 Say hi on GOALIE’s Facebook page here!

 Saturday May 15!  Double Door (Downstairs Door #3 venue) has given GOALIE his own night to put his circus side show of bands on display!!

 Doors open at 7:00. $7

 Salvation ( a kick ass bluesy fuzz power trio)

 Aria-51 (Some funky blow-your-hair-back stuff)

 GOALIE (Featuring special guest Deb “Sonz” Sonzo vocals)

In The Aisles (If you like Tool, Incubus, Chevelle, Jane’s Addiction type of sound…this is for you!)

 The Mizzerables  ( Chicago power pop punk at it’s best!)

  This is a HUGE show!  Please swing in and enjoy an evening we’ve dubbed “An Invasion From The West at Double Door”


  Other shows coming:

Sat. June 7th at the Side Street Studio Arts in Elgin, Il .  (Playing with In The Aisles.)

 Sat. July 5 at Goose Island, Wrigleyvile, Chicago

 Sat. July 12 at Ye Olde Town Inn ( with The Bungdoons, Greywall, In The Aisles)

  We will have free downloads, shirts, and other mercy at each show!!


 See ya all soon!!!  Come to the shows. Support local artists and new music! 

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Forkster writes about us: “…Stateside psychedelic, post-punk, rock n’ rollers 13-Monsters … a vibrant, haunting brilliantly, listen. With heard comparisons from everything from ‘Jefferson Airplane’ to ‘The Cramps’…”

Grab some tunes and goodies here!

13-MONSTERS on Bandcamp

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April happenings!

  Forkster writes about us: “…Stateside psychedelic, post-punk, rock n’ rollers 13-Monsters … a vibrant, haunting brilliantly, listen. With heard comparisons from everything from ‘Jefferson Airplane’ to ‘The Cramps’…”

Grab some tunes and goodies here!

 13-MONSTERS on Bandcamp

13-MONSTERS on Soundcloud

13-MONSTERS on Facebook

 A recent interview with JAMIE about 13-MONSTERS and the state of music

Hit us on the TWEET!

Hi gang! We have some big things happening! 

 First, thank you to Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot of Sound Opinions for a fantastic seminar that they put on at the Old Town School Of Folk Music. If you are in any aspect of music wether it the performance, legal, business, managerial or even fan side of the music community we highly recommend attending one of their seminars. Hell, as veterans of some live Sound Opinions shows we recommend seeing them anytime. You will find no two more approachable people than Jim and Greg. If you want to know how this circus called music works..there’s your ultimate source. Sound Opinions link.  ( Also check out Jim’s punk band Vortis )  

 Next!  SHOWS!  We are in talks with a few of our favorite venues about 13-MONSTERS next regional tour this summer. Stay tuned!!  We also have some new music in the works! It’s gonna get moodier, fuzzier, smokier. 

 IN THE MEANTIME (Our favorite influencial Helmet album, btw) Jamie’s solo Psyche fuzz Tarantino dream project GOALIE  has a couple rare live shows coming up!

Saturday  4-12-14  The Spring Thing at Green Town Tavern, Waukegan, Il

 w/ Greywall / New Oceans / The Bungdoons 


  THEN… GOALIE plays Penny Road Pub in Barrington, il on Friday 4-18-14


  Jamie hopes to see you at these upcoming gigs. Support local music!  And support a guy in a mask with a theremin and a fuzz guitar!


  Stay tuned for more upcoming news!  And please bookmark AL the above links we just gave you. It’s worth it.

And lastly…Listen to Jamie and Deb’s radio podcast The Donkey Banana Show every week on iTunes, Stitcher and Buzzsprout! CLICKETY! We are not only really funny while drunk, but we play local bands too!

 Support local music. We al try really fucking hard and lose a shit ton of money to make your head bob up and down. 

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Interview with Jamie about 13-Monsters, the state of music, and more…


Taken from the Dying SuperNova site. An interview with Jamie

I have been a fan of 13-Monsters for awhile now so I was thrilled when Jamie agreed to do an interview with DSN… I hope this gives some insight into the reason behind the music and you take their story to heart… 

Q:  What made you decide to call your band 13-Monsters? 
A:  I was riding in the car with my son who was 6 at the time. I told him that I was going to be starting a band and asked what he thought I should call it. After a couple of silly names that a 6 year old would think of he suggested in a very off hand matter that I name the band after his favorite Lightning Bolt song which we were listening to at the time “13 monsters”. 
  I’m friends with Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt so I sent him a message and asked if we could use it, keeping in mind that we would never attempt to do a Lightning Bolt song, out of respect. Brian liked the idea and the seal of approval was given. I decided to add in a hyphen in the name to ease confusion somewhat in search engines. (in hindsight the name LegoFight that my son first came up with was pretty neat though. I know Brian would approve of that one too!)

Q:  For those who have not heard your music, how would you describe your sound to them?
A:  That’s a tough question. The thing about 13-Monsters is that it seemingly can’t be put into any specific genre by anyone. We have had countless people comment that our sound is so unique they can’t categorize it by saying it’s alternative or psychedelic or metal or post punk.  The influences that I’ve amassed over time encompass everything from jazz and math rock to punk pop to doom and sludge metal. I draw from Boris and The Melvins as much as from Smoking Popes, Superchunk and Human Waste Project (Go look THAT one up and it’ll make sense:). 
  When asked about what we sound like I like to return with the question ” What do you like?”  when given an answer of (insert band name here) I usually say ” yeah..there’s some of that in there.”  But if asked specifics I’d have to say a mashup of Rob Zombie, Dinosaur Jr, Nirvana, Bob Mould, and Mazzy Star. You decide :)

Q:  How did the band come about? 
A:  I quit smoking a couple years ago and was driving my wife ( and everyone else) nuts. I needed yet another outlet to keep me busy. My wife asked what it would take for me to drag out all my guitars, amps and drums to make music again. I replied honestly with this ” Everything. I would want to play all the instruments, own everything and start it my way so that I never have to deal with the pitfalls of the music business again. I’d have to be the label, the producer, the social media director, all of it. Last time there were to many people and it ended in disaster. ”   So, after my 10 year hiatus from music and the college radio rock scene in Chicago, my wife Melissa bought everything I needed to have a digitally driven home studio. She basically held my somewhat hesitant hand, took some sound and engineering courses with me, and set me up to be in a spot where I don’t have to answer anyone about what I write, play, produce and release.
  I’ve had a couple of really good singers, and of course the definitive singer of 13-Monsters, Adrienne. I’ve since added our live drummer, John to broaden out the live shows and add a huge element that was missing live. My manager Deb is the rudder that steers the ship because at this point I admit I have to relinquish some of the responsibilities.

Q:  Do you find it harder nowadays to get people to support the music scene?  Why or why not?
A:  Oh god yes! That’s a big reason I took a hiatus. My decision to walk away for 10 years was in part due to feeling that no one cared about what we did. And quite honestly I’ve come close to quitting my present day projects for that same mental stumbling block of a reason. Getting people to support indie artists is a constant battle with one side being “I’m not saying enough” to the other side of “I’m saying too much and people are getting annoyed.” However I believe that initially you can’t say enough. My philosophy is this; ‘If you stay quiet and keep it inside, no one will remember who the hell you were when you die. So be loud. Say what you think. Let people know who you are.’  I think it has worked for 13-Monsters quite well. It has helped us greatly to be heard, get on radio, and put people in the seats at shows.
 That brings up another sub topic though: Live shows. THAT is the nail in the coffin to most bands, especially in a market like here in Chicago or other major markets. Sure, we have the world’s 3rd largest music market in our own backyard as our playground. We get to play major venues in Chicago that 10,000 other bands will never set foot in even though they deserve to more than us. BUT, at the same time we have to guarantee people in the door. That’s the tough part. There are literally thousands of bars, clubs and venues in Chicago. On any given night there are a couple dozen other amazing bands playing in a multitude of places. Getting people to choose ours is indeed a challenge. People can pick and choose with no urgency to catch a band tonight when they can easily wait until tomorrow and see and equally fantastic indie band, jazz quartet or symphony orchestra.  To make it in a place like Chicago, New York, L.A. you really have to fight for support while at the same time supporting the other artists in the room.

  As Chicago media personality Ted Brunson said of me in an interview ” You are relentless on Twitter.”. got me in that interview, didn’t it? And it gets people to support the music scene.

Q:  What is your opinion with the turn in the music industry regarding how the rosters of festivals are built, (meaning contests and voting versus talent)?
A:  I’m not a fan of major contests or large-scale-event-voting without merit.  I hope that with any poll or contest we have been in the people who choose 13-Monsters are actually listeners. Blind support is rather hollow and meaningless. If we were to be voted on to a main stage event at a major festival by blind support votes it wouldn’t mean much if there is no listening fan base to show up. It’s like buying twitter followers or false facebook “likes”.  I would rather be up there because of talent and a true demand.  But that’s the music industry. They push Justin Beiber and other nearly talentless flavors of the month on us while bands that I have seen play for 5 people in a bar could blow away 99% of any major acts that we are forced by the media to accept as good…and alot of the “artists” forced on us got that big because of some stupid contest or a singing talent contest on tv showcasing people who have never cut their teeth in clubs night after night. They waited in line outside a studio, sang 1 audition and got on TV. 

Q:  If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be and why?
A:  I’d do away with the very TV talent shows I mentioned earlier and recycled terrestrial radio. I think we would be much better off if internet radio stations and sites like Bandcamp and Soundcloud were mandatory on all computers. That’s where the talented people are. That’s where true artists are trying to be heard. That’s where you can really find true talent being showcased.  I’d love to see the music industry get away from the forced structure of big business that demands we here R Kelly 10 times a day.  But then again I’d also like a magic lamp with a genie inside of it too.

Q:  If you could share the stage with any band/artist who would it be and why? 
A:  There are so many. I really can’t pick just one without being disrespectful to the others. I will say this though; We have been extremely fortunate to share stages in the last 8 months with some of the best bands on the road today. If you would have told me a year ago that I would share a stage with bands like The Wheelers, Greywall, 10,000 Light Years, In The Aisles and a legendary artist like Paul Cary I would have said you’re crazy! I am more than proud to now call these people friends and peers.  I mean..c’mon…I got to open for The Wheelers and then stand next to the stage and watch them play “Tarantino” 6 feet from me on a thursday night in Chicago. That’s the kind of stuff musicians dream about.
Q:  Where do you draw inspiration from when creating the music?
A:  This will be my shortest answer: Personal stories. And I’ll leave it at that :)

Q:  What is the music scene like for Indie/Underground artists in the Chicago area?
A:  Like I stated before it’s a battle sometimes. But it’s a wonderful battle and a big playground that we are fortunate to be able to take advantage of. I wouldn’t want to be one of the bands trying to “make it in the business”. Then it’s a rough ride around here with a ton of heartbreak over a long duration just because you’re going up against other really talented bands who are filling a multitude of spots here as well. But for bands like us who have jobs and families and a sense of security in not having to do this for a living,  it’s a wonderfully thriving scene that is very user friendly. The venues are legendary and accommodating to artists. The real neighborhood festivals here are abundant and always showcase true talent. Most of the bands are supportive of all others ( we have personally amassed a stable of bands that we tour with locally who we now consider closer than family), and the local internet radio outlets are quite wiling to showcase bands like us.  

Q:  What does the future hold for 13-Monsters? 
A:  Right now we are on a break for a couple of months. I’m going to record some new things under 13-Monsters and have a small local tour planned for my solo project GOALIE.  I don’t anticipate doing alot of things differently. If it’s not broke don’t fix it, right?  But I do anticipate taking more of my own advice that I suggested before “…be loud, Say what you think. Let people know who you are.”

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